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Christ Servant Minister Lay Speaker

(Recommended for Christ Servant Ministers seeking to provide pulpit supply)

Description: The 2012 General Conference adopted a new position of CSM Lay Speaker.  Your Conference CSM Committee is establishing guidelines to assure uniformity throughout the Conference.  We anticipate that we will begin to accept candidates for recommendation of approval to the Annual Conference beginning in 2014.  Please keep in mind that the opportunities to serve as guest speakers will not be restricted to persons designated as CSM Lay Speakers.  However, the position of CSM Lay Speaker will signify that those individuals have indicated that they have a deeper commitment to serve in a preaching capacity, perhaps for extended periods of time, and have completed an extensive required course of study.  It is anticipated that each District will have a relatively short list of CSM Lay Speakers, with a much broader base of Local Church Servants and Christ Servant Ministers.

Guidelines for a CSM Lay Speaker:

  1. Complete requirements for recognition as a Christ Servant Minister.

  2. Each year submit an annual report to Charge Conference as required by Discipline.

  3. Each year send signed copies of the Annual Report to the CSM District and Conference Director.  

  4. Complete the required Course of Study for CSM Lay Speaker (Basic CSM Course, Speaking 1 & 2, one other Advanced course to be chosen from a list of recommended courses).

  5. When course work is completed, provide appropriate documentation to the CSM District and Conference Director. 

  6. Every 3 years complete 1 advanced course and receive an effectiveness review by the CSM District Committee.

Course of Study to become a CSM Lay Speaker

Required Courses:

  • Basic CSM Course

  • Speaking 1

  • Speaking 2

  • One other recommended course

Recommended Courses:

  • Discovering Spiritual Gifts

  • Leading Prayer

  • Living Our United Methodist Beliefs (UM Heritage)

  • Leading Worship

  • Life in the United Methodist Connection (UM Polity)

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