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Christ Servant Minister

After becoming a Local Church Servant, many continue the journey and become a Christ Servant Minister.

Those desiring to become a Christ Servant Minister get the recommendation of their pastor and the Administrative Church Council/Board and participate in additional training beyond the Basic Course.

Once this training is completed, the individual is recognized in the Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference Journal as a Christ Servant Minister. This recognition continues as long as the Christ Servant Minister submits an Annual Report that is approved by the Local Church Charge Conference and the Christ Servant Minister continues to participate a minimum of ten hours of advanced training at least once every three years.

The types of advanced training that are approved for recognition as a Christ Servant Minister take many forms , but generally include a focus on one or more of the following: Caring Ministries, Leading Ministries, or Speaking Ministries.

If a Christ Servant Minister wants to fulfill their advanced training requirement with a course that does not appear on the list of Approved Advanced Courses, they need to request approval prior to taking the training by writing a letter to either their CSM District Committee or to the CSM Conference Director

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